Mobility — London

Hybrid Busses
Lowing Down the Co2

Photographer: Florencia Serrot

London's red buses are going green. Hybrid buses are quieter, cleaner and more fuel-efficient than standard diesel buses. Hybrid buses reduce emissions of local pollutants and carbon dioxide by at least 30 percent compared to conventional diesel buses.

Hybrid buses are powered by a mix of an ordinary diesel engine and an electric motor. The hybrid buses we use also have regenerative braking, which means they generate electrical energy when the brakes are pressed. This electrical energy is stored in a battery pack and used to drive the electric motor.


Compared with diesel buses, hybrid buses deliver environmental benefits, including:

Minimum 30 per cent reduction in fuel use
Minimum 30 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide
3 decibel [dB(A)] reduction in perceived sound levels
Reduced oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide