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Iki M
Two Stores, Two Concepts, Vis-a-Vis

Photography: Jann Averwerser

Text: María Inés Plaza

It's been five years since Iki M. opened. In 2008, the store was positioned in the middle between Marienplatz and Isartor, at a small square where the streets of the Hofbräuhaus, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Kammerspiele Theater meet at the same point: a small Childrens Playground. The diversity of People passing by this unique Iki M., where Fashion and Greenpeace encounter at a concept called „Vive la bohéme!“.


Behind this concept are the beautiful faces and brains of Bätty Ilknur-Mete and Christina Morcego, who go for not only but Sustainability and Fair Trade. This two very popular words nowadays need people like the Ikis* to give beauty accessories consciousness about the environment and the limits of production. Having the coordinates of what this charming Iki M. is made, we should take a look to what’s inside.

So, „Vive la bohéme“

That children playground is a good scenario of a conscious green, peaceful life. Bätty and Chris like to be prepared to dress people that have a full week-schedule but that like to chill-out properly at the very center of their duties. For a city like Munich – you know, near the Alps, near so many lakes and still with a touch of a cosmopolitan metropolis – some Cashmere, some fresh virgin Wool and some cool, endurable T-shirts, Jeans and Jackets are needed.
The Ikis* have a well organized network of brands that take care of the same things the store likes to provide: Sustainability, fair trade and style. To this group of Iki-partner belong Affentor, Alchemist, Alternativeearth, Armedangels, Cantgonaked, Cruselita, (ETHIC), Katherinehammet, Kami-organic, Kahndrowear, Knowledgecottonapparel, Kuyichi, Komodo, Mandala-Fashion, Stylisha, and this are just half of the range of people project on nice things to wear without causing more damage to nature through our consume.

“People should know this is gonna end somewhere, and before that, we have to re-use what has been used once or twice…” says Christina Morcego. She, like Bätty, have a colorful Background as a stylist and stage designer, who has worked with a lot of people, selecting clothes for certain scenes and situations.

La mode vintage

The concept of recycling is therefore to find, not only by reusing material like all the mentioned brands do, but selecting the good old cool fashion pieces from some wardrobe. A bit of nostalgia is in it, although the Ikis like to look forward to a better future in a healthier environment (it even sounds kind of utopian to say ok let’s save the environment through recycling fashion ideas“ within the deplorable scenarios of pollution in the world, but still, we have to start somewhere….)
It’s very nice, however, to stand in the middle of Iki M., which now changed to a more relaxed street – Frauenhoferstrasse, in Glockenbachviertel, once the gay-neighborhood now turned into a “hipsterish” one – you may try some pretty nineties pullovers from Escada, beautiful eighties Miu Miu dresses, and some Hugo Boss Skirts for the business ladies in the house. Meanwhile, the sound is going to be really smooth; with tracks like Florida from Luke Temple, Let’s get down from Snoop doggy dog and some old Mambo songs from Perez Prado. Good music taste, a fine sense for style and an active attitude towards the environment is what makes Iki M. so different from other Munich boutiques.



Iki M

80469 MUNICH

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