Energy — Munich

Your heating just got smart!

While leaving the house the app disconnects the heat in your house. I met Christian, the founder of tado, in a conference on social entrepreneurship, and I liked him.

He is young, smart and has a friendly energy. He explained what Tado was about, which is a smart device that essentially controls the amount energy you use to heat up your house, and that is connected with your smart phone, lowing down your energy bills automatically. And as in VOLTA we are always in a constant search of looking for extraordinary ideas that will make all more sustainable we thought, brilliant! This is gonna work! So mainly we have an outstanding young team from Munich, which is a city that if it has something is a lot of innovation and where a product like this one- where is extremely cold in winter- makes total sense. The app activates the heat when you are getting home and turns all off while you’re being not there. Also is connected to the weather previsions and changes depending the expected weather outside. Just a brilliant idea. We Wanna give a enormous cheer for Christian and wish the guys of Tado all the best wishes! Welcome to the world Tado! Keep up the great work!

P.s. just contact them through their website, and they’ll give more information about how easy is to get their device installed. Easy_piece. Smart energy. Give us more of that! 😉