SmartVolta :
Conscious Living
& Healthy Lifestyle

Our Mission

SmartVolta is a grounding and viable platform that selectively shares the livelihood of real people whom illuminate a movement towards an honest way of living. We thrive to spread a Conscious Living and healthy Lifestyle with our content. With our web & digital platform, our events, and cooperations with clients, we produce amazing content that defines a more honest and inspiring way of living.

How we do it

With the website and the stories and events we produce, among the projects we develop with clients with our team of outstanding creatives.

You will find that our selected places, are chosen by pinpointing the most sustainable places to spend your free time and that share a vision of life and energy on all they do.
Volta is a global digital platform for eco-friendly places and inspiring entrepreneurship to share their mission and to pin-point their locale.

With an online platform that presents the actions, thoughts, places and people who seek out and work towards a more sustainable world & meaninful way of living.

By making public a mix of fantastic business projects and ideas, shops, restaurants and products that define the concept of „contemporary sustainability“ around the world and their ecological effect.


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What does your name mean?

Is a question a lot of people asks. Here is the answer: we chose Smart Volta as the name for our Platform because VOLTA comes from voltaic- something that produces energy. We are in a search for that unique energy that spreads and grows. It is a bright spark on the persons which is positive and contagious. It is also sexy because it is itself and nothing else. Is inspiring, spreads, and grows effortlessly. It is SMART.
Smart Volta Is about redefining what smart living means, with the tech that surrounds us but without turning into androids.  And most of all we are all about telling stories, creating content from things that touches us.   SV works as a digital agency, but mostly, is a mere exercise of freedom & joy.

We are seekers of that Smart way of living that inspires us, and we use this media to share it with others.  Join us if you want, let us know about you and your stories.


We are a team of people working around different points of the globe on an online city guide devoted to search and track of new and inspiring spots and stories worldwide that are pushing and thriving towards a more sustainable future. Redefining the notion of wellbeing and an attitude that generates a positive energy is our main drive.

1. We are committed to sustainability in all its facets.

3. Connect you with fantastic & sustainable products and create exclusive content for it.

4. We believe that small changes can lead to a better future.

5. We give you direct access to great products and places through our curated content in each city and our personal connection with the persons behind our stories.

6. We are inspired by people and their magnificent ideas.

7. We are game changers, doers, global nomads, seekers and entrepreneurs comitted to expand a healthier and more sustainable way of living.


Florencia Serrot Geminelli (Founder)

Nika Scheidemandel & Andrea Zanatta (Editors At Large)

Jonas Halfter (Design )

Dalibor (Programming & Code )

Mariela Bontempi (Infographics & Illustrations)

Contributors: Jann Averwerser, Agnes Thor, Nuria Rius, Anaís Becerra, María Inés Plaza, Ting Tang, Hanna Klöetzer, I.M de los Riscos, Cocó Muro, Abigail Varney, Nicole Baird, Phillip Amon, Claudia Haddow, Paul Simon Geddis, Irina Kartina & Pete Sutupov, Kate Alagich, Maite Tirado, Luis Diaz-Diaz, Irene Fernandez Arcas, Iaia Cocoi, Andreas Duschek, Maria Eilersen, Carlos Dávalos, Amandine Paulandre, Stelle Hanania, Francois Coquerell, Jorn Tormter, Elisa Fuenzalida, Casa Josephine, Michelle Coveny, Bem Derico, Javi Gesto, Claudia Grassl, Rene Fietzek, Daniel Vazquez, Ana Kraš, Ye Rin Mok.