What We Do

We are a global digital platform and Creative Studio connecting smart people through
Conscious Living, Health and Creativity.

How Can We Help You?

We love to create digital content. And we love all that is related with health, boutique fitness and feeling well with oneself and whats around you.

Lets say you are a Brand and  have already a great website and need help with the content for it. We can help you with that. With the text, animations, films, social media campaigns, infographics, photography, brand identity,  coding , web design. We help others to expand in the digital realm.

We produce all that for you and can also help with the development of sites, e-shops and apps in case you already have an idea but haven´t got that far or you need an update of what you already have that needs to get better. We are here to help!

How we do it

With an international Network of Creatives and Contributors based all over the world we produce content and digital experiences customized for each request. After working producing content for ourselves we founded the creative Agency WEARENOROBOTS to help other brands with their digital Content and development of digital services.

We like quality over cuantity.
We like to work remotely because we are global.
And we like clients with whom we can also grow with.
For us Is not only about an exchange of money for hours.
Is about value.
We deliver great value for the Brands we work with and like to create relationships with Value on what we do.
Is a give and take. Not just a money / time exchange. Is about the value we can give you and growing together what we find exciting.

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Our Mission

We thrive to spread a Conscious Living and healthy Lifestyle for Digital Nomads


Florencia Serrot Geminelli (Founder)
Hanna Vogt (Director of Digital Agency WEARENOROBOTS)
Nika Scheidemandel (Editor At Large)
Jonas Halfter (Art Direction )
Dalibor (Programming & Code )
Mariela Bontempi (Infographics & Illustrations)
Contributors: Jann Averwerser, Agnes Thor, Nuria Rius, Anaís Becerra, María Inés Plaza, Ting Tang, I.M de los Riscos, Cocó Muro, Abigail Varney, Nicole Baird, Phillip Amon, Claudia Haddow, Paul Simon Geddis, Irina Kartina & Pete Sutupov, Kate Alagich, Maite Tirado, Luis Diaz-Diaz, Irene Fernandez Arcas, Iaia Cocoi, Andreas Duschek, Maria Eilersen, Carlos Dávalos, Amandine Paulandre, Stelle Hanania, Francois Coquerell, Jorn Tormter, Elisa Fuenzalida, Casa Josephine, Michelle Coveny, Bem Derico, Javi Gesto, Claudia Grassl, Rene Fietzek, Daniel Vazquez, Ana Kraš, Ye Rin Mok.