Digital Minimalism by Carl Newport
This Book will help you to clean your digital Addiction with Ease

TEXT : Florencia Serrot

We got to know the work of Cal Newport through his Study Hacks blog and amazing books and also through his investigations on the use of Social Media. His studies are based on the consequences that have on our society in terms of behavior and consuming habits.
I was amazed by his knowledge and approach as a computer science teacher at the University of Georgetown on all these topics, especially by the fact that how he explains things is super clear and accesible.

But his point, and what he is bringing super classy on this book is how we should promote a “less is more” attitude around social media and digital devices in general.

To get out of the digital noise, and still allow the natural trains of thought to run its magic, is super important to get out of the digital sphere. Great ideas usually happens in moments of break, of actions as non digital as walking, or taking a shower, or just hanging on other formats.

Newport invites us to disconnect to allow our creativity to flourish and not follow one by one the steps to get into a burnout with our excesive use of digital devices.
Is a essential book in this times of pandemic & superlative isolation among people.

Digitaler Minimalismus (the german version of the Essay) has been published by REDLINE Verlag in Germany.