Vegan Baking Workshop with Flora Fink
Yummy and Fun!

Photography: Detlef Schneider

Flora is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and as well, loves baking vegan cakes. "For some people eating vegan might be a once in a while thing, but for me is an everyday vegan, and love to share it with as many people as possible. How to do it, the substitutes you can find for the recipes, and usually is a big surprise what everybody gets with the results."

And that´s why we proposed Flora to do a vegan workshop for us, under the serie of the Colectivo Club, curated mind and body workshops during the Season of Winter and Fall 2015 and was great fun and a total success.


Her ability with baking turned her into a quite famous baker in the city and her cakes are available at the main vegan delis in München.

While teaching her yoga classes, many of her students and network of people started asking her for advice on how to cook the delicious treats she makes and how to start baking vegan.

Vegan Carrot Cakes, Vegan Quiche Lorraine- with an amazing recipe based on white beans- or chocolate chip cookies at their finest vegan version where some of the yummy things the people could learn how to do it at our workshop.


The workshop took place at the So Ham Yoga Kantine in München- thanks so much for your help dear Tanja & Lucía of So Ham- and we plan to have an upcoming workshop with Flora as soon as possible!

Thanks so much Flora for your yummy treats and super nice art of sharing your love for vegan lifestyle!