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Finding Treasures at the Antiquariat Hans Hammerstein

The Hammerstein antique dealer in Turkenstrasse is the perfect place for a rainy day with its tons of Books, old editions of magazines and especially engravings. Antique prints, postcards and magazines/art books from a century ago are his specialty. I love getting lost among its fondus of amazing chromolithographs of the 19th-century botanical fauna and flora engravings. Hammerstein Antiquariat Is the kind of place that you could probably find only in München from all over the world.

Hans Hammerstein Antiquariat is an Ode to an Epoque on which time was invested in creating beauty with paper as the primary format. Is the perfect break of the digital noise and reconnect with a marvelous non-digital space .

Where magazines like Jugend (the 1920´s) used high-quality art and illustration for their images and beauty was part of daily life. Is probably my favorite spot in the city to be in when it is raining. Or when I want to get lost in time and translation.

I absolutely love it.

Antiquariat Hans Hammerstein

Türkenstraße 37, 80799 München

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