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Organic Salad Dressings with exotic Flavours

Text: Florencia Serrot
Photographer: Jann Awerverser

When I met Janine & Karin, founders of Freshhunter, they gave me a set of their dressings to try at home. The dressing they make at the catering school and kitchen, they both run, prepared with organic ingredients and flavors like Apple & Cassis or Honey and Ginger, became an instant hit at home.
With FreshHunter, their products have been slowly gaining points of sale among the most renowned organic stores in München while their story is amazing.

We went to meet the girls at their catering school, a beautiful space that is also an option to rent if you are looking for a nice event location in München, and while Karin was preparing a sample of the honey ginger dressing for our photo shoot for our photographer Jan, Janine was showing me all their new range of dressings.

“We had these cooking classes at our catering school. For the end of the class, we always left for our students, a few glasses of salad dressings we had prepared, so they could take them home as a present” tells Karin.
“Each week the flavor was different, and we were mainly experimenting with what Karin thought could work. One day, one of the students asked if we could prepare a few extra glasses so that he could sell them in his shop”, explains Janine.

And from there, they just took off.

The range of products, all made with fresh organic ingredients & without any artificial flavor on them or conservant have been expanded, and recently they have also created a line of prepared soups.

As well, the team, have achieved the admiration of more established chefs like the Berliner Sarah Wiener, from Wiener Restaurant & Café.

Balsamic Vinaigrette, Maracuja & Chili, Apple & Cassis, Honey and Ginger, Raspberry and Black Pepper are some of the options you have, to enjoy in your salads.





Landsbergerstraße 234
80687 München