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Ateneo Abierto at the Ateneo de Madrid
Creative Direction & Production of an Avant Garde Music Festival

Creative Direction & Project coordinator for Ateneo Abierto.
Avant Garde Music Festival for Ateneo de Madrid.

-Development and implementation of new cultural content
with the aim of attracting a younger public to a 19th century institution
in the centre of Madrid with the financial support of the bank Caja Duero Foundation.

-The strategy and duties involved the following responsibilities:
-the creation of a new graphic image for the Ateneo (logo, dossier, applications and web)
-the raising of funds through private and public sponsors. Involved the following reponsabilities:
-selection of content and artists who were going to be part of the concerts
-PR with media
-coordination of Technical Production & on site co-ordination of workforce for 14 concerts of international bands in Madrid.

Sound Production and Live Ingeniers: Ann Deveria
Artwork  Posters & Illustrations : Frankie Teardrop
Press+production support: Paul Simon Geddis
Photography: Luis Diaz- Diaz.