Food Pharmacy
Let the Food be your Medicine

Text & Photos: Florencia Serrot

Nertby Aurell and Mia Clase are the authors of this exceptional book. With the help and guidance of Professor Emeritus Stig Bengmark, the life of Lena and Mia changed from top to bottom on their search for a healthier life after launching their blog Food Pharmacy. A diet focused on a daily intake of probiotics and the refusal of ingredients in the kitchen that produce inflammation, are according to Food Pharmacy, the basis for a super health.

With a super cool visual language, the recipes show us the power of foods such as turmeric, fermented foods, and probiotics as crucial tools to keep the disease out of the vital spectrum. Super entertaining is also the rhythm of mixing scientific information and then having the recipe that corresponds to the given data.

From theory to practice with a familiar and real vision, that´s what makes Food Pharmacy so good.


Plus, we are sure that you will hear a lot about the topics that Food Pharmacy covers: the importance of taking care of the intestinal flora, also called Gut Bacteria (the bacteria that help the immune system to stay strong) and the importance of feeding yourself thinking about the number of microorganisms that we have inside (among our Human Cells) are key for our health. This book fascinates us for the amount of scientific information it has, and inbetween all the medical papers and the help of Professor Stieg, our curiosity and geeky side got super covered of good inputs. Thank you team of Food Pharmacy!  All that and this book still has the ability to present us yummy recipes that look amazing. One of the favorite books of 2017!
And thumbs up for the tumeric shot, a super hit in our home 🙂

Food Pharmacy has been published by Hölker Verlag.