The Danish Art of Happiness

Pics & Text: Florencia Serrot

After all the hype of what hygge is, means and feels like, we finally got our hands on the book written about it. Not many surprises on what we thought it was going to be like but nice to discover how this vibe is attached to every single bit of the lifestyle of Danish people.

Living in a country – like Germany- with very few hours of light compared to my place of birth – Andalucía- I’m kind of aware of how much of art is attached to the fact of passing another cold winter without stepping into a depression. What do you do when you have so little portion of a long winter without any rain or snow or just sharp cold wind drying up your face. Well, in Denmark they have this thing called hygge and is just brilliant.


Commonly translated to coziness in English, the english word does not entitled all the bits and pieces of the danish concept.
The Danish actress Marie Turrell Soderberg writes extensively about this topic, including the historic perspective of the term, and adds a huge bunch of sweet Instagram’s photos among interviews with people of different generations to describe what is all this hygge about.
We did love the read.
As much as we enjoy a winter day in Copenhagen.

Hygge is edited by Penguin Books.