Indoor Green
Living with Plants

Pics & Text: Florencia Serrot

This book has been published to inspire all the plant lovers to fill their spaces with more and more green friends. The author, the Australian Bree Claffey, owner of the Melbourne´s shop Mr. Kitly´s selects between friends and his network, an eclectic selection of people that work with indoor plants. Artists, plant shop owners, architects, and a long etcetera of great interviews and visual material featuring beautiful spaces.

Also super cute are the plant portraits where you will find tricks to learn how to take care of the different kinds of plants available for an excellent indoor selection. And lots of visual candy / super lovely photography by Lauren Bamford. We also loved the fact that since the author is Australian and the shop he has is super inspiring,  the connections and people he features have a different background to what you would have if you were living in Europe.  For example, there is a lot of Tokyo spots, Melbourne artists, and this fantastic interview with one of the biggest orchid collector of the world. Thames and Hudson have published Indoor Green. More books in this direction please !