Agnes Thor´s Photography
Minimal Beauty & the love of Nature

Text: Florencia Serrot

Photography : Agnes Thor

Agnes is a fantastic & young photographer from Sweeden based in New York. We fell in love with her calmed landscapes and colour palette in her photos. Might be that growing up on the country side of a land with very strong presence of Nature has inspired her since her childhood. That, and her love for horses.


I had the pleasure to work with Agnes for an exhibition I curated called “Visual Diaries /Girls ” and personally,  got to meet her last time i went to New York.
We had a great time with her husband and all the sweedish friends hanging out after visiting an exhibition´s opening and since then we have been working together for different comissions for clients.
I really love her relaxed attitude and politeness and is a super kind person. I think her way of portrating nature is absolutelly marvellous and has something magical.

A bit of Agnes about herself:

I consider my work to be a mix of a journal, storytelling and poetry. Though these elements blend together, the stories remain personal, portraying both the familiarity and foreignness of my surroundings. Like faded or romanticised memories, I find the photographs neither precisely fictional nor precisely real, but nonetheless they convey something true.

It’s said about portraits that we look for our own image in the portrayed faces; in my photography I don’t always look for my mirror in other people: I try to find it in the world around me. I feel like a collector, gathering both environments and people and compiling them in a new world. This world is partially built on memories of the stories I was told as a child . These tales take place in Nordic woods and often describe a world that exists alongside our reality, not simply beyond or above what we think of as “the real”.

In this world of tales, things can easily transform—a rock or a tree can suddenly be a forest creature, the mist can become dancing fairies. Having grown up with these stories, I find I tend to look for related moments: moments when the world is something other than ordinary.


Agnes Thor was born and raised on the countryside in Sweden. She grew up being surrounded by nature and still works mainly outdoors with natural light. Her interest in photography began in high-school and she has been dedicated to it ever since.