The Psychedelic Collages of Mariano Peccinetti
Argentinian Artist and Musician with Cosmic Intuition

Text: Florencia Serrot

Collages: Mariano Peccinetti

We got to know Mariano through his amazing collages and a job we did together two years ago. Finding his art was like an omg moment: what is this? Mariano spends his time creating either music with his Band "Las Luces Primeras" at the beautiful nature of Mendoza, Argentina, or sketching science fiction visual worlds that open the door to an unknown that looks so appealing like holidays between planets and sunbathing in Mars altogether.

Mariano started posting his visual work on Instagram, and many cooperations with his collages began to happen with brands like Gucci, the French electronic Musician Vitalic, Urban Outfitters or the magazine GQ among many others.

The Story of Mariano is an example of how Social Media and Outstanding Visual Artists complement each other on a fantastic symbiosis.





When the work speaks for itself on this level of freshness all the rest will take place, without having to live in big cities or having a powerful agent behind the artists as it was before.

Mariano Peccinetti´s  Instagram