Julie Lansom´s Sputnik Lamps
Handwoven Lamps full of parisian Flair

Photos:  Amandine Paulandré

Long time photographer and now a handcrafted decoration designer since 2013, Julie is a versatile artist who swings between her camera and her design studio. Based in Paris, she was born in the South of France, a little more than 25 years ago. Julie keeps an immoderate love for nature, which can be found in her aesthetics.



The importance of colors, a passion for materials, the authenticity of her design, and a hint of nostalgia are the key elements of her work. Sputnik was the name given to the first Russian satellite sent into space in the 1960s, which lines were similar to flying saucers and UFOs. Sputnik lamps are inspired by those ships’ retro-futuristic spirit, coming straight out of science fiction books, and, more generally, the graphical 1960s and 1970s aesthetics. They embody an artistic journey that Julie began with photography.

Each of these lamps crystallizes her sensitivity, her sense of form and color—a summary of her universe. From the cutout to the assembly and then the weaving, all the lamps are handmade in Paris.
Each one of them is unique, a piece of art, and the result of meticulous and passionate work. The lamps are made of painted wood and high-quality cotton or wool threads.
Some models are ready to be sold, but Julie works on request where you will be able to choose :
– The structure, the color of the structure, and the colors for the weaving.
More info about Julie & the Sputnik Lamps, here.