Dark field microscopy therapy with Marie Luise Faust
Creating a medical therapy based on your blood cells

What do you think translates directly the stage of your health as a blueprint of information straight away? Well, i would say that your blood cells can be super accurate about the general wellbeing of your body, therefore this therapy was amazing for healing some gut related diseases.

Checking your blood cells once in a while would be something of great favour to do towards your cells, your body and your wellbeing in general as a human being.


No more no less than going with a microscope over the marvellous beauty of your own liquids to discover what is hidden among all the courtains of your own skin.


As a visual person, i was totally amazed by the creatures / elements shinnny creatures i could see swimming around my poor blood cells. All those crystals made out of acid . Yes is no good to have too much acidity in general in your metabolism since as everybody probably knows, we should have a more neutral – or non alkaline enviroment so that our bodies can thrive and be able to be stronger to disease.
But still ! they are so beautiful and look like magic shapes of minerals. And sometimes, if you had some yeasts, or issues with micosis – like that was the reason i went to see this amazing holeopathic practicioner , the doctor Faust in Munich, you get to see them live , floating at their ease among your impavid blood cells.

Is also about getting conscious of how to deal with disease. Your body heals itself as long as you take active part on the process. And food is a very important part of the metabolism outcome. How do you eat, will also have a blueprint on your cells. Too much sugar, alcohol, coffee, all those super acidic elements, will create those marvel – and super nasty – crystal you donĀ“t want to have in your bloodstream.

So, i deeply recommend the process of checking out your cells. Is a mind blowing experience and i was super thankful to have done it with the doctor Maria Luisa Faust.