Join our Upcoming Smartvolta Energy Camp with Bowspring Yoga Sybille Dieckert in July

Text: Svenja Vanessa Tissen
Photos: Rainer Kurzeder & Tania Castellanos

Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars?
We invite you to participate in our upcoming Energy Camp which combines Surf and Bowspring Yoga with our SmartVolta Editor at Large Nika Scheidemandel and Bowspring Yoga Berlin´s most hyped teacher Sybill Dieckert whose work has been already featured in magazines like Vogue Germany.

When you enter the holy land of Nika´s therapy and retreat center in southern Spain, you feel that you have passed through a portal, where time doesn´t exist, where you leave behind all that you have brought. Nature takes you by your hand and allows you to let go of routine and be open for a surprise again.

Guided by her intuition and heart, Nika never stopped to chase her dream: to open a sustainable place within nature, that integrates a sense of conscious treat with the environment and to offer her space for all type of events related to health and healing. Today the Magic Ranch is one if the highly renowned retreat spaces in southern Spain, famous for their unique, sustainable construcción, their original design inspired by Californian Malibu style and Spanish local artists. Nike loves to support art and charity projects, as she believes that we can make the world a better place by starting to share, to , and to take care of each other.


This is precisely what made Sybille fell in love with this particular spot in Cádiz, Europe´s south point, where the sun shines nearly all the year around.

Sybille Dieckert is one of the few Yoga professional who teaches Bowspring Yoga in Germany, a new style of Yoga that was born about 6 years ago in the United States, that advocates a different approach to movement and practice.
It is a demanding practice that addresses the entire body evenly to stimulate energy flow and promote power and balance.
The movements, called “Katas, are soft but strong
and likely artistic, acrobatic poses.

Bowspring is based on movement and demanding and dynamic practice, that stretches all parts of the body in all directions to lengthen the front of the body and strengthen the back. The movements work all the essential fisical structures, like fascias, that support and connect the inner structure of the body, having a positive effect on your external and internal posture.
Even mental flexibility and emotional stability can be trained by Bowspring. “In Bowspring we strive to unravel this emotional side, opening up our physical posture has an energizing effect that in turn affects our attitude. You can approach people more openly, you hold yourself differently, you become more self-confident and courageous.”

The physical and mental approach of this type of Yoga is also renowned for being an excellent preparation for demanding sports activities as for example, surfing.

Thanks to the collaboration of Unai Vegas, a highly renowned surf teacher and winner of different surf awards in Europe, Sybille has decided to offer a Bowspring – Surf Retreat at Nikas Magic Ranch in Cádiz.

We are super pleased to have this chance and facilitate you this exclusive experience with the work of Sybille, owner of the boutique studio of Berlin Roots2Rise, whose work has beem catching up lots of buzz and has been feature on media like Vogue Germany recently among others.

For boosting your energy during 4 days (2. 3. 4 of July 2019) next to the Atlantic Ocean at Magic Ranch el Palmar, you can contact Nika for more information under the following number 0034 651 52 87 05