Mindspace: The App that will bring meditation into your life
Neat Illustrations and some Headphones and you are set.

Text: Florencia Serrot

Illustrations : Mindspace

When we first tried Headspace, we were like Wait...would this work? Like is not precisely meditation the best way to disconnect from all the digital devices and super fast pace that we are living and that´s just what we have to use it for going into the exercises?

And mainly after the surprise of the super beautiful interfaces and how all the content thought and designed is: in “packs” or series (beginners, experienced, for kids … ), plus the great content this company is creating on the subject, we want to support the work they are doing from here. Mindspace is for sure a fantastic way to get into Meditation, especially if you have never experienced it.

Every person should meditate if they think it fits them. The method or path to get to it doesn´t matter as long as it brings a fantastic response to their cells. And Mindspace does a great work into bringing new people into this realm that is super much needed. Try it and see it for yourself. And yes, the founder was a Buddhist monk for a while before he launched this. Bringing this knowledge into the west in a way that can be digested and fully understood is the most significant achievement from our view made by Mindspace. Chapeau!