The Detox Power of Sauna
Sweat it all out

Hey there! Today we are going to get a bit more into our addiction to the Finnish Sauna.
Well, where do we start?
1st. And the main reason to give it a go: the Sauna Helps The Body to eliminate toxins through sweating. The skin is our biggest organ in the body, and the Sauna supports to achieve the sweat much easier due to with the higher temperature inside - around 80° in a Finnish Sauna and 70° in a Bio Sauna-.
2nd. After a sauna session, you will notice a deep Skin clean up since all the pores open and can cleanse much better.
3rd. The Sauna also helps to relax The Mind and Body Muscles.
4th. What is super good for the immune system is to take a mega cold Shower after a sauna round to reactivate your blood Stream: Hot vs. Cold, Hot vs. Cold.
And then lay down at the silence area and relax.

Repeat The Cycle a couple of rounds. And You will feel wonderful.

Living in a cold country sweating might not become the easiest thing to do,  therefore is The Sauna something more common in Scandinavia, Russia, and Germany.

While other cultures have had other sources of cleansing through sweat since ancient times, – Temazcal for the Aztecs of Central America, the Hammam Baths in Arabic Countries or the Roman Therms during Roman Empire to mention a couple of examples- ,  detox throughout the skin has been a basic way of detoxing in history. We are super Sauna addicts and is because is the most natural way to cleanse your blood Stream without doing an anything else than lying on your towel.
Our little trick is to apply organic coconut oil in the last round all over your body before you set in the wood. Once you are finished and have taken a cold shower, there will be still a tiny bit of that oil that will remain in your skin,  leaving a natural moisturizing feel that is marvelous.

Another thing, don´t go crazy if you are not very familiar with it.  Start with shorts sessions and let your body tell you when is too much, and when is too much, just get out.
It might take a while until your body and rhythms get adjusted to exactly the times and sessions that feel right to you.
And of course,  drink lots after your sauna rounds to recover the liquids you have lost during sweating.

Always take a tower with you. And please, do not leave sweat on the wood.

And probably most important: be in silence. The Sauna is a place where people go to relax 🙂

Enjoy la Sauna! And Sweat it all!