A Break for Winter Sports almost in Spring
The Power of the Mountains for Mind and Body

Pic & Text: Florencia Serrot

Dear Friends, we are just back from our break in the snow with friends and a bunch of hours in the slopes with the snowboard.
And our mind and body feel much better after this short, intense, fantastic break.
The power of the snow and being in the mountains with just the board sliding down,
letting the sun kiss the skin and allowing the most magnificent sensation of freedom that this sport gives

to take over completely
is so beautiful.

Surrounded by the mass of rock all over, the Mountains of the Swiss Alps, allowing our cells´electrons to neutralize and get into a status of calmness while the sight gets lost in the infinite of white and blue
is like allowing our battery to slow down

by recharging the Kraft directly from source.

The body getting tired at night from the hours at the Piste,
going into sequences of sun, frozen wind, snow, open blue sky.

All together and still being there, so present.
Just around the only thought of “what a marvellous ride was this one , full of out of piste and powder snow all over”.

Our batteries are uploaded.
And the direction of SV is going to go pretty wild in the upcoming weeks.
We have been busy working on other projects that hope to present very soon.

Following this sensation of freedom and space so magic and pure.

4 palabras will guide our compass.

Nature. Sport. Joy. Freedom.

lets keep the stake that high.

Yours truly,

Florencia .