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C.A.L.M Queens In Cadiz
Organic Honey From The Andalusian Coast

Text: Nika Scheidemandel
Photography: Daniel B. Vazquez

The most beautiful and creative queen bees are bred in the pretty village “La Muela” on the Costa de la Luz in the province of Cadiz.
Two brothers and beekeepers named Daniel and Carlos Leinenweber (Daniel also is a Lawyer) diligently run the small breeding farm from their family home, apiculture being a family tradition for this Chilenian / Andalusian family

SmartVolta.com: Organic Honey From The Andalusian Coast
SmartVolta.com: Organic Honey From The Andalusian Coast

Their beautiful Finca, that would have been the perfect backdrop for a William Eggleston photography has its own eucalyptus forest, lots of fertile ground and flowery meadows and an own laboratory that serves for the meticulous preparation of the fertilization process for the perfect Queen.
The Iberian Queen bred in Andalusia, also called the Black Queen Bee could be compared to Naomi Campbell, being exotic, slender, and tall and of a fierce and fiery temperament. Proudly and competently she reigns over her busy workers and being surrounded by free growing wild plants of the area she is of a free wild child spirit.

Actually her entire Iberian bee colony is known to be somehow more sultry and has a tendency to sting more than other kinds of Apis Mellifera that are found around Europe, like for example the Caucasian bees. Apparently the Levante wind, unique to the Cadiz area, a warm, dry wind that blows in from the desert provokes them to be more hot blooded. Amusingly their birthplace the Leinenweber Finca in LA MUELA is called C.A.L.M, which is short for Centro de Apicultura La Muela.

The C.A.L.M. queens have high demand in the zone and the waiting list is long, they are known to be superb royalty and guarantee a high-end result of the finest wildflower honey, propolis and pollen. This precious “pueblo” in the Costa de la Luz is situated close to the vacation destinations Canos de Meca and Vejer de La Frontera and has a wide range of indigenous wildflowers, being close to the Atlantic Ocean and the beauteous Sierra of Cadiz with its numerous natural parks.



Local Iberian bees produce delicious honey compositions like Eucalyptus, Sunflower and Artichoke Thistle Honey and also valuable “Mono Mieles”, Honeys that are produced from only one single wildflower. Each exquisite wildflower honey apart from being extremely tasty furthermore has a specific therapeutic characteristic and serves as wonderful natural remedy to cure and prevent dis-eases and soothe medical conditions


Here is a small honey guide to the sweet & wild wellbeing:


Lavender Honey: Insects bites, small wounds. Digestive Tonic.

Oak Honey: Anemia, Respiratory infections, Diarrhea

Rosemary Honey: Liver stimulant, Ulster, Acid stomach

Eucalyptus Honey: Asthma, Bronchitis, Urine infections, Diabetes

Orange flower Honey: Sedative, Vitamin C deficiency, Cough reliever

Heather Honey
: Heart problems, Angina, Kidney failure

Pollen: High Nutritious value, Anxiety, improves intellectual efficiency








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