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Handmade Hats aus Berlin

Photography: Irene Fernandez Arcas

Text: Jonas Kecskemethy-Vass aka Jo Ke

This is the story: our dear friend Jonas met Mo at his shop in Berlin once he was back from Lima since he wanted to get a new hat for his collection. Mo´s shop is called CAPT´N CROP and is a wooden pirate ship, like the one of the Goonies, but nicer, much cozier. Inside the ship he has his atelier and meet his friends and sells beautifully handcrafted hats made from recycled textiles and fabrics. And he has a great story to tell our Jonas about his amazing hats. Jonas knows him well since he is a chef and singer in the underground Berlin scene and wears Mo´s hats at his dinners and gigs. So now you know Mo and Jonas. And all the points are connected, you see. Jonas asks, and we share it with you. Enjoy it! And next time you´re in Berlin, go by to say hello and get one of his beautiful hats.

How did it all start with CAPT´N CROP?
One day I found an old hat from my grandfather in the basement. I loved the hat and the way it fitted. Having built lamp shades on my own before, I just went ahead and tried my hand at making a hat with some tissues I had been messing around with. After looking for an apprenticeship I found very few places, especially in Berlin and wasn’t really intrigued by the traditional hat-making.

The elaborate and expensive manufacturing process further put me off and so I went on to pursue my very own way of making hats.

Where do you get your fabrics from? In which way are the hats sustainable?
In the beginning it was mainly corn and flour sacks, but eventually old umbrellas, peruvian quilts and former curtains have all found their way into my storage. 
The hats are basically merely made out of recycled fabric with a supporting frame.

Which spot is your favorite enviromentally friendly shop in Berlin?
True Unique Bicycles

Is all the work done by Hand?
Yes. All the work is done by hand.

Who would you like to see wearing one of your hats?
Tom Waits

What does Berlin have as a city that other cities don´t have?
Freedom and lightness of being.
Everytime I leave Berlin I love the feeling of coming back, the colourful, multi-cultural, the good mixture, especially in my neighborhood.

How are your clients?
Young creatives, skaters, musicians, free people.

Plans, ideas, dreams to come true?
I have a friend who has started to learn the trade, so I can focus again on selecting and experimenting with different fabrics. A new round shape is in the making and formerly designed bags are also being digged out to take them to the next level. Now the plan is to develop a good website/web-shop so people abroad can also profit from our unique craftsmanship.



12047 BERLIN

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