Eat & Drink — Munich

Fräulein Grüneis
The Green House

Photography: Florencia Serrot Geminelli

During a walk through the English garden we randomly found the restaurant / kiosk "Fräulein Grüneis" . The food is always lovely having a vegetarian plate always available and we also feature it in Smartvolta because the beautiful kiosk used to be the old toilets that were closed to the Eisbach, which were abandoned for many years. The family that rents it now, is a young couple, did the whole reformation and converted it into a cosy and beautiful small bistro.

You can sit inside by the cozy fire or outside when the weather is nice, in the park, and always get something healthy for lunch. The energy that they consume is also green since it is based on natural gas and done with the company Polarstern. There are also local products that can be bought like honey from the Englischer Garten or bottles of gin called The Duke, which comes from a small distillery from Munich. The service was very friendly and the card also offers simple lunch options. These are made from organic and Fair trade products and has been a great success since its opening.


Fräulein Grüneis

80538 MUNICH

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