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A good experiment

Photography: Florencia Serrot

The Röckl is a good experiment that could bring us to the concept that chefs like Jamie Oliver also develop in some of his restaurants. Help young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds with the possibility of working and getting a challenging culinary training with the aim to convey them in the labor market. They are supported in all aspects of a social- educational specialist and supervised until the training is finished.

A total of 10 training courses in restaurant management force or cook / chef are available. Each individual is required here from day one to take responsibility to overcome their own limits and to feel part of the team. These experiences reinforce the sense of unity and thereby characterize the atmosphere in the restaurant Roecklplatz, which was honored in 2010 with the Order of Merit.

Working by learning, and at the same time, enjoying a pleasant atmosphere and food with a good cause behind it. We like it!



80469 MUNICH

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