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Antiques Market Nuevo Estilo
Barrio de las Letras´ Must for Vintage Furniture Lovers

Photography and Text: Florencia Serrot Geminelli

Sun, Antiques, nice atmosphere and pure flair madrileño. Welcome to the Nuevo Estilo Flea Market. You are in Madrid, in this marvellous hood- Barrio de las Letras, which congregates the creme of the cultural institutions around Madrid Capital- Reina Sofía Museum, MediaLab, CaixaForum, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and is just right behind the Paseo del Prado, Madrid´s Art Promenade.

So once a year,  this Nuevo Estilo Decor Acción Market takes place, and  all the top of the pops antiques´ boutiques and galleries of the city, get together and hang out in cute stands and you go and find a sort of small flea market where you can just go mad of pleasure with their goodies. I have no words for this beautiful action! Is Madrid at its best. Just enjoy the pics. Really.



Calle Alameda , Madrid

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