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Studio Isabella Kino
A Cinestudio in Schwabing

Photography: Florencia Serrot

The Studio Isabella is a small cinema that looks like the one that the main character of  Woody Allen´s "The purple rose of Cairo" visits all the time to see the character she is in love with from the movies .

Is also a very special Kino that tells you from the outside that maybe we could be in a corner of a Paris delicious Cinestudio, or once inside, you could be somewhere close to a familiar living room with a secret back room where is a cinema projector. Any of those options would work. But no, you are in the Isabella Studio Kino, one of the few authors cinemas that you will find in Munich. And since we love cinema so much, and the fact of going to the movies! Are also completely sure that this model of cinemas will keep on working many more years to come, and we love to feature what they do in Volta.

While the model of big distributions and huge cinema theaters is falling ruined by the competition of the digital market and at home viewing, we truly believe that for those who really love film and going to the cinema, options like the Isabella Studio is the way to go.

Lets put it this way, we love to watch films on our computers but doesn’t have anything to do with the sensation you get going to the cinema. We can watch two films in a row in a lazy Sunday but as well, we love going to the movies.
And here is somehow the same feeling but much better.
Where you can feel at home, where you can have a beer while watching the film, where you really have staff like the guy who sells you the tickets and the owner of the Studio that really couldn’t be any nicer and friendlier.
And, of course, the Isabella is a place where we can still see films in the original version, and even sometimes you will have the director having a chat with the audience afterwards about his/ her film.
Good programme, good stories and atmosphere and the house is full.
Smaller but finer with a  profound love to the good old magic of the cinema on the top of everything. That incomparable sensation that makes us so excited every time the lights of the room go out.



Studio Isabella Kino

80799 MUNICH

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