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Artisanal Japanese Noodle Soups

Takumi is a Japanese noodle bar in the middle of München. Takumi means "Artisan" in Japanese, and a lot of that has to do because they work with the highest quality products for their noodle (Ra-men) soups.

The Sapporo noodles that they use for their soups are the ones done artisanally in the   Nishiyama Seimen Manufacture in Sapporo, a company that started with one small shop in 1953, and is well known all over the world for their outstanding quality for their organic noodles on which only the egg whites are used from the egg, and the Japanese wheat flours are organically grown. Takumi imports the noodles fresh, and that’s what you eat along with the veggies that they buy from the farmers market for their dishes and bio meat ingredients. And as well, not only the quality of the food what makes us go back to Takumi as many times as possible. The service and all the people working there are delightful. A young generation of Japanese who are living in Europe and bringing a lot of this cosmopolitan flavor that a city likes München loves to take over. Young, always in a good vibe, and above all, preparing the best Japanese noodle soups you can find in town. We truly love Takumi! Yummy!


80798 MUNICH

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