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Second Hand Sports
Vintage Bikes _repair shop!

Photography and text:
Florencia Serrot

There are some bike shops that also have a repair service  that will just try to sell you a new bike whenever they have the first chance to do it. I just don't like that, specially when my bike is quite old, and some shops won't even take it to repair it.

Is like, oh your bike is so old that we can’t just fix it anymore… we are so sorry, but we have amazing new bikes for around 300€ that you will totally love if you buy them.

I just got a bit tired of that kinda repair shop attitude, quite common in Munich_ until we found Second Hand Sports. This is also kind of a classic in Munich since they have a good second hand bike´s bussiness and a lot of vintage bikes in their Lager with a good price. For many people that comes around Octoberfest and stays for a few days and buys a bike for the days they are in town for a modest price, this is the place to come to.
I was actually like quite desperate trying to avoid all the impulses of the salesmen trying to get me in the “consume_consume mood /”is the end of the world” if you don’t get a new bike NOW whenever I tried to take my bike to a repair spot until i found these guys. I got there, and I was like, I can tell you already that i don’t want to buy a new bike, I like mine. And the guy said, talking a look at my Fahrrad:  it probably just needs a bit of love. Come back next week and you’ll have it repaired.   I just felt such a relief since I love my old Hercules. Is perfect just as it is.


Second Hand Sports

80335 MUNICH

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