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The Old Truman Brewery
Contemporary Classic

Yo! Londontown, we LOVE YOU. Specially when we get lost in your traditional corners with that taste of the classical english all mixed mashed with the most modern flair we can think of: pure pop love. We had to talk here about the Old Truman Brewery, which is one of THE spots if you're around East End and actually we were thinking about nonsense like: is this a feature we should place under shop or architecture? As if London could match any kind of category possible. Yeah right! ;)

The Old Truman Brewery is an old refurbished brewery in Brick Lane that embodies, with all its retail experience, one of the most lively corners of East End with a huge difference. Record shops as Rough Trade, Street Food and Vintage Shops fill up the brick space available for commerce and a tope!_ you’ll get fully the vibe of THE contemporary London within the old walls of an old brewery. Which still, makes a lot of sense since London is all about beer in good old pubs with mean_but_polite_waiters, all looking sharp and a la Ășltima while they serve you a pint among Edwardian bricks_ looks_ and Coolness.

We just don’t have words for spots like this since is a reflect of the cool Britannia . And yes, after thinking it for a while we consider this Old Truman Brewery, an amazing example of refurbished architecture that holds together the effortless glamour of Brick Lane with the pulsing heartbeat of the astounding East End. It Is the London Vibe. Dig it. Now.



The Old Truman Brewery

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