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Zipcar London
Carsharing in the City

Need a car in London? Need some ideas of how to get one? Take a look!

A few Facts to use Zipcar while you´re in London
-4.6 million Londoners are within a 10 min walk of a Zipcar
-Did you know, there are 10 times more Zipcar locations than there are Starbucks in London

  • The typical Zipcar member saves £3,162 per year, or £264 per month compared to owning their own vehicle
  • If just 12% of Londoners with a car switched to a car club such as Zipcar, the Capital could save up to £1bn per year on the cost of motoring. Every additional 1% would add £80 million in savings
  • Every car shared takes 20 vehicles off the road with Zipcar members also spending 50 per cent less time behind the wheel compared to private car owners
  • The carbon footprint of a car club member in London is less than half that of the average driving license holder. The same ratio applies to local air pollutants and congestion
  • Zipcar is a pioneer in advanced vehicles technologies and aims to provide vehicles with best in class emissions ratings.