A talk with Ana Kras about her Bonbon Lamps
Made by hand

Text: Florencia Serrot Geminelli
Photography: Ana Kras

We first knew about Ana Kras through her marvellous photography, but then we found her side as an industrial designer and beautiful lamps with an amazing name. Bonbon. And I mean, with industrial design is hard to find something that being new has this cosy and nice warm feeling. But with the Bonbons, you just Wanna have them all, in all shapes and colours. Or at least that's what happens to us, and one of the reasons that we were really looking forward on having her for VOLTA NY.

Tell us a bit more about you: Who are you, Where are you from, What are you doing in NY?

My name is Ana Kras, I was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and i lived there most of my life. at the moment,  I am based in NYC where i have my studio.

Photography and Industrial design:  how did you get to that combination?

I love both things, they are very different. I would be very unhappy if i had to choose only one.

We love your bonbon lamps, when did you start making them?

I made the first one about 4 years ago, and exhibited them for the first time during Salone in Milan in 2010.


 Was any kind of traditional knitting or technique involved or used as inspiration?

I don’t know how to knit or do any of those techniques unfortunately. I was not inspired by any of the traditional methods just because they seem too complicated to me. Making these lamps kind of reminds me of weaving.

What about the colours, any preferences?

I like all the colours and I mix them freely because i like how they change each other

Since we are a contemporary guide to sustainability and we also want to talk about how you produce your objects! Tell us more!

I try to use materials in a responsible way. I try to get cottons from the fashion industry since they have a lot of leftovers. Some brands don’t want to give away their leftovers but do want to sell them, so I choose to buy those instead of the new ones.

Do you make them all by hand?

I do, each one has been made by me so far.

Do you work with other brands to produce them?


How can we buy them?

At the moment,  I do make some lamps per request, but very few of them. I am preparing a big exhibition, so i try to sell as few as possible. they are not available in shops, but maybe next year I will make a small edition that will be available.


What inspires you in your photography and in your objects?

Nothing in particular, and then also everything, life and habits.


Upcoming plans?

I am working on a few new projects, and i am making a few new prototypes, and a bunch of lamps of different shapes and sizes for the upcoming show.

How do you see yourself in like 10 years?

I can’t imagine that far, but i like to think of myself being happy in 10 years.