Ariele Alasko
Wood Furniture

Photographer: Jennifer Causey

Ariele grew in Monterey but moved to NY. Now she works as a builder, making reclaimed furniture and beautiful cheese boards. She builds from old used wood giving it a different shape.


“I’m a builder, a fixer, and a do-it-myselfer. My favorite things in life are big tools, old wood, good pasta, and finding great materials in a dumpster.”

I grew up in California, and blindly moved to New York seven years ago when I was accepted into art school for sculpture. I instantly fell in love with the grungy part of Brooklyn, and within a month, we had moved into Bedstuy. I have lived in the same apartment for five years now, which has given me plenty of time to slowly “fix” a few things around the house: de-carpet stairways, tile in kitchen… you name it!”


“I studied as a sculptor, but have always had a propensity for making sculptures that fit into houses.”


“I eventually gave in to my desire {why fight it?} and decided to build reclaimed furniture instead. It felt great to start making things that people needed, wanted, and could use in their daily lives. I finally felt… useful!”



Ariele Alasko