The importance of staying in shape during pregnancy
A chronicle of a pre /post natale fitness experience

Text : Florencia Serrot

First of all, we would like to make clear that this post is written based on a personal opinion and experience and might not relate to your situation. We have decided to share our experience since might be of help for others. Hours of hard work at the gym, and a program with a respectful tempo has been needed. Nevertheless here is our story.


Many women, as soon as they go to the doctor and confirm the pregnancy, the first thing they are told is: congratulations, from now on keep the rest.
It is clear that the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, we must be careful with sudden movements: weight lifting and all possible factors that can put the pregnancy in danger until everything settles down are forbidden.

I had a great  talk where i exposed my doctor all my fears: Do I have to stop my yoga and my beloved Sauna? I can´t live without sport… “You are not sick, you are pregnant, and therefore while you have to be careful, you do not have to change the way you live. You must listen to your body and if there are things that you feel do you good, don´t stop doing them”, was her answer.
In two words, Frau Doctor Berger, made clear how important was to work on the wellbeing of the mother since is crucial to have a fantastic pregnancy, one of the most beautiful processes life offers to experience.

Playing sports has been a part of my life since childhood. And during pregnancy, yoga was what focused most of the

afternoons after work. As soon as I knew of my state, I told my teachers so that some of the yoga asanas could be modified not to put the baby at risk. With that done, my yoga classes continued at the same tempo as before the pregnancy.

There are three huge reasons for taking the importance of keeping your body in shape during the pregnancy seriously.
1st: The physical endurance your body requires for the delivery moment. The birth of my son felt a bit like a marvelous magic

marathon, where moments of extenuation were mixed with a deep connection to something extraordinary, sort of a magical biological kraft rooted in being mammiferous.
Things get easy if you follow your body, but you need to be fit to help the process and help your baby to come out as soon as possible, and avoid all the complications of a cesarean might mean to mum and baby.
2nd: The health of the baby will be determined in a big part depending on the health stage that body of the mother may have during pregnancy.  The conditions of the uterus affect the development of the baby.
3rd. Super decisive factor: The recovery of the mother’s body after childbirth should happen as soon as possible.

Nowadays, most of the women are being mothers in their thirties, and we shouldn’t underestimate that the body is living another biological moment.

Your tissues and strength are not the same. So it is necessary to contrarrest the effects of that with an active attitude.

We might as well tell a bit of our experience on recovering our shape back. There is the process of returning to your pre-pregnancy body which you have to respect. Some parts of the body must have more rest than others so that the muscles can retake the initial position. And you shouldn´t force them.

In that case, we recommend joining a mummy fit program with a personal trainer to have the right supervision and tempo. That’s why the importance of staying active is huge. In our case, the help of having a gym with childcare has been inmense.

To have a nursery at the fitness studio is been a blessing

In addition to that, in the fitness studio, I have found a team of personal trainers, most of them also mums themselves, with whom you can talk openly  and are able to create a program that is gradually supporting the recovery process. Still with all that it has taken a few months to be back fully in shape.

The hours of gym, are a must. So, try to find that time.

And we can also share that working out hard with adequate floor exercises and a lot of TRX has been the basis of a physical recovery for which I feel utterly grateful. The team of Mysportlady, a specialized boutique fitness studio for women in München, have been the most amazing gift during this experience. You can contact them For more information if you feel you might need help during this process.

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