Mobility — London

Campaign for Public Transport
London Coolness for Smart Mobility

We love Boris Johnson, LondonĀ“s Major, an amazing personality, funny, witty and smart enough to keep this sense of British extravagance well aligned with clever political sense.
One of his upcoming personal goals is to make of The City "The Place To Be". A greener London, less traffic, better resources and energy measures, are starting to take shape to bring the capital of Albion to the top of the smart city ranking worldwide list.

In order to achieve some of those goals a smart development, the importance of the public transportation use is an absolute must to lower down the levels of Co2 that a megacity produces.

Why not use the local talent and express this need with illustration and afterwards fill up the city with huge billboards of coolness calling up for a good cause? Sounds good to me! Artists like Daniel Norris, David Muse or Nicola and Tim were some of the chosen ones to spread the word. Yes Boris, you rock!.