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Casa Josephine Pop-Up Store
Objects & Interior Design: Tell A Story

Photography : Casa Josephine

Casa Josephine is many things under one name: a Bed and Breakfast in Rioja wine region, an online shop, a decoration studio and a shop that pop ups in Madrid twice a year. For this winter edition, which will take place on the weekend of December 13-15, they will present a stunning array of European 20th century vintage furniture, textile art and a lot (really a lot!) of French porcelain and crockery. For the event, Iñigo and Pablo (owners and managers of the company) transform their home-studio completely into a shop, roll up their sleeves, get behind the counter and welcome you all to share their world.

Iñigo and Pablo share a common vision of their trade: “Either in our house in Rioja or in Madrid, wee see ourselves as hosts and understand their job as a way to make our guests feel good with the help of objects. This is basically what hospitality and decoration are about, and this is our field.

“We create atmospheres, we choose and make objects that can warm up a room or a flat.”

They  believe that objects transmit information and emotions. Hand-made items and folk art, for instance, speak about decisions made, about time and care spent, about slow pace and love for the piece. And vintage furniture keeps the halo of the person that chose it first, that is somehow transmitted to you when you give it a second chance.


They started their business with Casa Josephine, a Bed and Breakfast in Rioja, seven years ago. Bought a townhouse in the village of  Sorzano, restored it decorated following the principles of Arts and Crafts: manual work, local materials, trial and error, etc. And then, little by little, things started to grow, clients liked  their style and commissioned decoration projects, and afterwards created the interior decoration studio, the online shop and the pop-ups.

Casa Josephine is the brainchild of Iñigo Aragon and Pablo Lopez Navarro, both Art Historians and based in Madrid.

“The mere decision of recycling a chair, or of making one yourself, reveals respect for the world you live in, and ultimately a moral position”


Casa Josephine Studio

28005 MADRID
TEL. 915304848 / 606717021

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