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Daunt Books Marylebone
An Edwardian Concept for a Successful Bookstore

There is one place we go to London Marylebone High Street to check out books when we are in the City, and that´s the marvelous bookshop Daunt Books. The Concept is super nicely done, as a beautiful Edwardian library, and the atmosphere is similar as if you get into a sort of living room, full of shelters with their order while on top of the tables they have around, they have their favorite selections and new arrivals. The concept is being so successful so far that they have open five other stores around the city.

What we find so amusing is the way you can just hang out and get crazy in love with all the book covers. Yes, is true that we are book lovers at @volta, but there is pure eye candy what you get. So especially if you have had a crazy day at the City with all the going from here to there and need to take a sweet break, and spend as much time as possible in an excellent, charming spot, our suggestion is that you go to Daunt Books. We are pretty sure that you will end up buying something. If is not a book, a beautiful tote bag that we were lucky enough, they had in stock while we were there, and that ages marvelously. A tote bag that has become quite known around London, and maybe who knows, also a great way to make a fantastic spot famous.

More about Daunts Books by Daunts Books:
“Daunt Books was founded in 1990 by James Daunt in the beautiful Edwardian premises at 83 Marylebone High Street in London – originally built for antiquarian booksellers Francis Edwards in 1910.

At the heart of the shop is a long, galleried main room which has as its focus a beautiful arched window partly glazed with stained glass. The intention then, as now, was to arrange books principally by country, whatever the nature of the book – fiction or non-fiction, biography, history, guide or novel – and in so doing creating wonderful browsing both for the traveler and the general reader.

A premium has always been placed on informed bookselling and service, and the shop attracted loyal fans immediately. It doubled in size a few years later, expanding to 84 Marylebone High Street and allowing us to offer a wider selection of children’s books, cookery, and art, and by the end of the 1990’s, two further shops had been opened in North London – at Haverstock Hill, in Belsize Park, and South End Road in Hampstead.

With the now famous Daunt Books canvas tote bags increasingly seen on London’s streets, new shops opened in leafy Holland Park and on the Fulham Road in Chelsea in the 2000s. Finally, in 2010 Daunt Books added its latest shop on Cheapside, next to Bow Church.”