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Gentle Gourmet Café
Vegan Bistro in la Bastille

Sorry about this tip, but we couldn’t write any better text to feature this tip in Volta than its own philosophy. We totally agree and support all these directions and wish that many other restaurants could also take some of this philosophy as soon as possible!

Gentle Gourmet Café Manifesto:

100% Vegan
We use only 100% VEGAN products, that  means exclusively from plant origin.
We believe that it is better for the planet, our health and our animal friends.

For that, we use as many organic products as we can find to stop poisoning our earth and our bodies.

Season kitchen
Our cuisine follows the natural rhythm of SEASONS to ensure the quality and taste of fruits and vegetables and to limit the environmental impact associated with transport.

To import our ingredients such as coffee, tea or cocoa we buy FAIR TRADE which guarantees that producers work decently.

Local Products
We believe the benefits of buying LOCAL to encourage producers passionate defenders of our land, but also to limit the pollution associated with our consumption.

With us everything is WITHOUT CRUELTY. We are against animal testing and none of our products contain animal material.

We strive to take all possible measures for effective use of water and energy. In this approach, we have chosen to be equipped with renewable energy.

Responsible Packaging
In the same ecological commitment, our goal is to REDUCE THE OVERPACKing in our purchases, as well as our takeaway.

Respect of work
We ensure that here, as in our values our employees GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS FOR ALL are met.



Gentle Gourmet Café
75012 PARIS
+33 1 43 43 48 49

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