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Kräuterparadies Lindig
The Oberbayrische Herbal Pharmacy

Photography: Florencia Serrot

Lets put it this way, Germany has a strong tradition of natural medicine. Herbs, plants, herbal teas, balsams, all of them are a much better options to help the body fight against sicknesses than going to the normal pharmacy and buying any kind of antibiotic or regular medicine, in the good german sense of what "heal" (heil) means. Also, the region of Bayern is famous for its multiple natural clinics, where you can go in summer and do a detox cure, between herbs, sauna, swimming in one of the lakes and all that having all the fresh air of the Alps as the main oxygen input for it.

Is not strange that this kind of Herbal Paradise exists in München. There is always a natural medicine that will help up heal your sickness, whatever it is: stress, high blood pressure, tiredness, migraine, anything, you just go there, and buy the herbs by the weight -100 grams or 20 grams- or in prepared infusions to make up teas to drink it. And the service is sensational. Is the place to go if you don’t like normal medicines in München. Just to give you an idea of the success of the shop: they also sell to other countries and will deliver it to your door by the post.

Kräuterparadies Lindig

80331 MUNICH

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