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La Sultana
Hidden Paradise at the Rue la Kashba

Images: LaSultana
Text: Florencia Serrot

After the bustle of the square Jemaa El Fna, in the imperial part of the city, taking the Rue de la Kasbah, and almost invisible from the outside, -just briefly indicated on one of its exterior walls-, you will find the paradise/hotel/restaurant/spa-hammam called La Sultana.

The idea was just to test the hammam and the thermal treatment they offer, but after that it was impossible to leave.

The experience continued with a lunch at their marvelous & fantastic restaurant on the rooftop and a lovely wait at one of their pools while our driver arrived to continue the journey towards the outskirts of the Medina.


The Sultana will impress you with its discretion. Barely visible from the Rue de la Kasbah, the hotel will take your breath while you enter. The feeling of entering a sacred place, a kind of private retreat decorated with the traditional craftsmanship of the Medina and the sound of water in each of the different areas, will blow you away.
Let’s start with the Hammam, since the traditional Arabian baths, requires Also a great ceremony.
Leave your clothes and get ready to get to dive into the tradition of the most beautiful ancient orient.

Discreet, qualified and experienced people will particularly take care of you, pamper you, and massage you, according to ancient practices that have proven themselves. You’ll love the creams and gels from Atlas plants and algae of the Ocean. And in the large heated pool, between the pink marble columns, you can swim in happiness. All the products and treatments they used are based on holistic approach and will make you feel wonderful.

After that, you will have to recharge the tummy with a delicious lunch at their rooftop restaurant. You will be overwhelmed of the view and the quality of their food.

The restaurant is part of the largest terrace of the Medina’s golden triangle and opens out with panache over 1800 square meters. The view is splendid at 360°! On one side, It overlooks the Saadian tombs and the Kasbah’s great mosque and the Koutoubia, dominates the quarter’s small picturesque and colourful market, and spans the majestic ochre city and Atlas Mountains on the horizon. There, among the palms and bougainvillaea any activity is conducted in perfect harmony, morning to night, in an enchanting atmosphere.

And the food! I must say that La Sultana is the place we have enjoyed the most the food in the whole city. All cooked traditional, with all the wonderful use of fresh produce and spices, where the Moroccan cuisine is an integral part of the legacy of past dynasties and as the craft has become art, and traditional cuisine has become Gastronomy.

In the menu, you will also find the main plates that symbolize the ancestral culinary traditions of Morocco. First the necessary freshness and flavor impose themselves in the careful selection of local produce.

Then is the essential know-how of a Moroccan chef assisted by two “Marrakechiates” female cooks repeating the same maternal gestures learned in childhood.
 Finally arriving on the table, according to your desire, dishes that delight the eyes and palate. It is a fest of colour and taste. The Tangia, the traditional couscous Ghanmi and its seven vegetables, or try the kefta, coming just fresh from a grill that cooks traditionally the meats. Dishes full of colours, flavors and generosity, an emblem of the kitchen of the Moroccan people.





La Sultana

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