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Le jardin
Oasis in la medina

Text and Photography: Florencia Serrot

Look for Le Jardin in the Medina of Marrakech if you need to take a break from all the craze and life that can be somehow overwhelming after a few days in the old city. Look for Le Jardin for a romantic dinner, brunch, or lunch surrounded by the most beautiful garden you can imagine after you cross the main door.

Look for Le Jardin if you have the chance to spend New Year´s Eve in Kech, the guys that own it – the Laftimi Family- do the best party you will be able to find in the Red City.

Look for Le Jardin if you want to get connected with the young creative growing scene of the city.
His owner Kamal Laftimi is a super nice guy that decided after years of being traveling around and doing different projects on interior design and gastronomy in the city , (before le Jardin he had founded the famous Café des Epices and sold it to start this project). After spending a few years in Japan, Kamal returned to Kech, and decided to restore this amazing building that was empty and in ruins, to create the most magnificent garden for his restaurant and guest to enjoy while having something to eat.

Look for Le Jardin if you want to meet the cosmopolitan floating population that have a second residence in the city, and spends part of the year there. Mostly people from Paris, beautifully dressed and with this bohemian flavor and lässig chic attitude.

Look for Le Jardin, just because is the place you have seen in your dreams and didn’t know it existed.

Look for Le Jardin if you are searching for the perfect tajin and super nice service.
Look for Le Jardin if you are in a need of a newspaper and a coffee with north african flavor.

Look for Le Jardin just because you can´t be in Marrakech and miss this amazing marvelous magic oasis.

All those infinite tones of green.
Le Jardin is poetry turned into gastronomy, and we love both things.





Le jardin

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