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The Deli Downstairs
Your organic & local Grocery Store at Victoria Park

A walk from Hackney to Victoria Park took me to this beautiful Shop.
The opera of Maria Callas coming out of the music stereo.
A Very very friendly atmosphere where all the clients felt treated like family, and an amazing range of products neatly placed in beautiful wood shelves going from the ceiling all the way down, to a marvellous British wood floor.

After entering the Deli space, it kind of felt a bit like a movie : a sudden images of a shop from another time, where people felt great coming in into a grocery´s store. The high ceilings, the wood everywhere; brought me a huge flashback to the Almacén my grandma had in Argentina, with all the products distributed in amazing shelves, where we as kids, used to climb up as, all the way to the top, just to steal the yummy dulce de leche´s candy, always filling up beautiful glass jars on the top shelves.

Looking around I was as well super Impressed by the collection of old Bagley biscuits tins that the Deli Downstairs had all over the shop I started talking with Sarah, the owner.
„We moved from our basement shop to our spacious new premises in September 2010. We now occupy a beautifully proportioned Victorian building in a prime location in Victoria Park Village.
During the renovations, we were amazed to discover a whole frieze of Edwardian biscuit tin labels behind a false wall (We now use one of them as our Twitter avatar). After a visit to the Hackney Archive, we discovered that the premises had originally been a grocer’s shop and they restored it to its former usage. „

The Deli Downstairs is an award-winning family run business in Victoria Park, Hackney.
They stock a range of fresh, seasonal and organic fruit and vegetables, British and Continental cheeses, pies and sausage rolls. They also have organic eggs and milk, locally roasted coffees, artisan breads, pastries and cakes, small-batch jams and chutneys, East End honey, mustards, spices, olive oils and general groceries.
For them, quality is very important. Many of their suppliers only produce a single item but if they’re passionate about it, they’ll stock it.

They also have opened a lovely cafe on the back where you can enjoy great homemade cakes and a nice atmosphere and coffee.


The Deli Downstairs
211 Victoria Park Road
E9 7JN London


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