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Mercado de San Antón
Chueca´s Market Heart

If you are around the cool Chueca neighbourhood of Madrid, the Mercado de San Antón is something that you need to experience. While it's not as famous as other markets that will remain nameless it definitely is worth the visit. It is laid out into three parts- the bottom floor featuring many stalls offering fresh fish, cheeses, meats, hamburgers, bread, fruits and more.

It also has a bustling wine bar in the corner. On the second floor, you’ll find prepared dishes that you can grab and eat at one of their high top tables surrounding the atrium. Each station offers a different type of cuisine- Greek, Japanese, Italian, Spanish- and they also have a wine that goes with that type of food. There is also a more bustling bar with food options that are prepared in the back kitchen. Finally on the third floor, you will find the main restaurant and also the outdoor terrace with a cocktail bar and comfy seating. So clearly, a lot of variety in this one market! My favorite thing to do here is sit outside with one of their exquisite mojitos in hand One thing I love most about this mercado is that you can buy food here and take it to the rooftop restaurant and they will prepare it for you for a fee which is a really unique concept. A whole compilation of stands that sell tapas, amazing products and a really nice familiar atmosphere that has brought to the neighborhood lot of life.

Mercado de San Antón

28004 MADRID
+34 91 330 0 730

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