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Sandwich Mixto
A very special "Fanzinería" in a market

Photos: Iván de los Riscos

Text: Elisa Fuenzalida

Madrid reinvents the concept of an independent company from the perspective of closeness and human scale. Sandwich Mixto is one of the best examples. A small place, inside a food market that compiles homemade food, coffee and DIY design, with a huge charisma. Between the aperitivo and the sound check of its upcoming concert (yes, also organize micro concerts in the market), we talked animatedly to Virginia, one of its founders.

What is a fanzinería?

A fanzinería is a book shop in which the publications that are sold are self published, in two words: they are fanzines, which is the word that comes from a contraction between ‘fandom’ (no translation into Spanish, but it would be something like “all the culture surrounding something you like “) and ‘magazine’ (magazine).

Where does an idea like this begin? Did the partners of Sandwich Mixto know each other before you started?

The idea behind Sandwich Mixto arises after a call to create something out where our two passions could be united: food and books. The partners have known each other a long time, because we had worked together earlier in our previous jobs, so we decided to start Sandwich Mixto:  a design studio which is based on a market, and where you can order a project tailored to your needs, and buy a fanzine while you have a coffee.

Why in a market? Why in a neighborhood like Anton Martin, dangerously apart from the Barrios of  Malasaña / Chueca?

Because we did not want to “imprison” in an area that already has many businesses related to the world of creativity, we chose to walk away from geographic cluster “malasañero” because we believe that diversity is essential, including geographically because it means moving: we are in Anton Martin, but some people got us into the same route with some companies Malasaña area:  the path ‘gastro-hipster’. On another side, Anton Martin for us is an area of Madrid totally iconographic in the sense that it is a true neighborhood, and indeed the market has worked in the district as a main artery, as a union and reunion. We believe in the local-even in this sense.

What other kinds of things, events, activities can we get in Sandwich Mixto?

Anything that has to do with the culture of the paper and self-publishing (zines presentations, workshops at universities, conferences, Weeks of the Authors …) and the food (we have even done tortillas´ contests !) Through our other passions such as the music (we also do acoustic concerts on Saturdays with local groups), or popular culture (pumpkin carving workshops) or theme parties … to say goodbye to summer, and before the holidays, we organize a toga party in which everyone had to come dressed like that.

What is the principle after your selections ?

So everything has to have a feeling of DIY-the ‘do it-yourself/hazlo tú Mismo in Spanish- and that´s why we say that the food is ‘home-made’ (‘casera’) and fanzines are ‘hand-made’ (‘artesanales’). We believe, as Baudrillard, in the power of imagination to change the world, and as well in the “Juan Palomo” : yo me lo guiso, yo me lo como ☺
(Dear english readers, this expression is not correct in english no matter how you explain it, so better learn spanish to make it, and run to  Sandwich Mixto to see the real taste madrileño. We are pretty sure that after a couple of cañas, you’ll get it for sure).

Sandwich Mixto


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